Our Story

Since 1949, Town and Country Lutheran Church has been “Building Up Lives through Christ” in Sacramento.  From an original location behind a dance hall on Del Paso Boulevard to a facility at Fulton and Marconi, the fellowship and church found its current home at the corner of Marconi and Norris Avenues.  As the years and decades passed, Town and Country have been guided by a desire to reach people with the love and life found in Jesus Christ.  In addition, the value of Christian education was enhanced with the beginning of a Christian day school for grades K-8 from 1959 to 2017.  Young people with a strong foundation in Christ have been equipped for active contributions to our world.  In 1968, our current sanctuary was dedicated as a place to experience worship in various modes and styles—all to give honor to God. In 2005, a 10,000 sq. ft. parish hall was built to serve our congregation. With a full kitchen, high school-sized basketball and volleyball court, stage, and classrooms, our “Friendship Center” is busy with numerous events connected with the church or our community.

In many ways, Town and Country, by the grace of God, has “Built Up Lives Through Christ.”  We feel we have been placed here in God’s history to share His Story.  You are invited to make history with us, making a difference in our world through the love and power of Jesus.


The main entrance and parking lot are off Norris Ave.